Spiritual author, Meditation expert, 'The Medicine Voice', Carnegie Hall performer, Inspiring teacher.

Michel Pascal, an accomplished author with 20 books on spirituality. He is the creator of Meditation for Daily Stress, designed for communities, prisoners, and veterans, and also serves as a teacher for Fortune 500 companies, including Google.

Michel’s method includes ten easy practices that you can do for even a single minute to start, wherever you are, and then increase the time as you desire.

We are Never Alone


"We are made of stories. Each and every one of us has a unique one. We Are Never Alone is a fictional story based on many true stories—it’s not mine alone, nor Gabriella’s. It is the true story of every parent, every sibling, every family, and every community that has lost a loved one to suicide."  Michel Pascal

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A world movement to calm the mind

OMMM aims to create a positive impact on individuals and communities worldwide through the practice of meditation, music and multimedia content. The OMMM movement was founded by Michelle Narciso, Maria Alphonse and Michel Pascal with the intention of expanding Pascal's decade-long work of helping prisoners, veterans, and communities in need.